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From COPD Support list posting by Cecil M.
Subject: Personal medical history

This is a subject that has been addressed in the past but I have not seen it surface lately and I thought it might be worth revisiting. Reason being that it could possibly save your life, at some point in time.

For any of you that are not familiar with this it is a complete history that you develop yourself and always take it with you when you go on appointments and ER visits. The reason this is so important, is if you are alone or unconscious when you call 911, or whatever, the EMT's and medical personnel will have everything they need right there to treat you with.

Example, take 1 loose-leaf notebook, a set of index dividers and graph paper. The way I have mine set up is that I have a large red cross on the front and stenciled medical history. It never leaves my bedside unless I have an appointment.

First Index,

next Tab A, my durable power of attorney, listing of next of kin and medical support team with phone numbers.

Tab B, a complete listing of all my medications, when I take them, prescription #s and Drs. name that prescribed. Nurses really appreciate this saves all that writing.

Tab C, Peak flow chart, on graph paper, that I do everyday at the same time and record.

Tab D, I am on diuretics so I have a preprinted calendar that I record my daily weight on at the same time everyday.

Tab E, a record of my exercise daily and what type and how long, with heart rates and blood pressure.

Tab F, a record of all my Drs. visits and the questions that I had for him on those dates. If he says he will schedule something if I have not heard in a couple of weeks I call him. These questions are great reminders and keeps them on their toes.

You can find out more in detail on Bill Hordens website. That's where I set mine up from using it as an example. I have had some great comments on it from Nurses and Drs.

Take care,

Cecil/ARK ------------------------------