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Questions for the Doctor

1. What is my exact diagnosis? Mild , moderate or severe, and what are the major elements?

2. What is this treatable and what meds should I take?

3. Please explain the ORDER, how I take them and the side-effects of these meds.

4. What do the tests mean? And I would like a copy for my records.

5. How can we slow down the progression of this disease?

6. Will vitamins, exercise, etc., help and which ones?

7. Will you refer me to pulmonary rehabilitation?

8. (If you are on prednisone) Would you order a baseline Bone Density Scan so we                   can monitor any bone mineral loss?

9. When should I go to the ER if I cannot reach you?

10. How can I avoid infections and what do I do if I think I have one?

11. Will a peak flow meter help me? How?

12. What spacer do you want me to use and do you have one?

13. Do you have any samples of the medications you will prescribe?

14. Since I have multiple diseases, please explain to me how you think one will affect the others?

15. What do you think will be the progression of my particular case of COPD?

16.Will you prescribe antibiotics for me to have on hand and if so when should I begin taking them / what signs do I look for ?