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Ship Shiners

Ship Shinin' away,
My turn to swab the deck today!
So why the nutty grin?
I'm welcomin' the new Ray O's in!

Ship Shinin' along,
I'm singin' a sunny li'l song!
And wouldn't ya know?
I'm puttin' on quite a ship show!

Ship Shinin' e'ermore,
Tis nuttin' but an endless chore!
Do ya see what I do?
My eagle eye spies a new Ray er two!

Ship Shinin' ev'ry day,
Takin' my turn keepin' clouds at bay!
O' what wishes are mine?
Welcome aboards to Nuttin' But Sunshine!

2002 Ruth Norman aka Ray O' Sunshine

1) To be a Ship Shiner ye must be a wishful thinker,
a li'l bit nutty 'n' a whole lot sunny
And enjoy letting people know
Just how happy we are that they've decided to join us.

2) Must check in with CL in e-group once all Swabbin Duties are completed.

To become a Ship Shiner
Just fill out the form below.
We thank ye !!!

Your Name:

Your Ray Name:

Your Email:

Your Alt. Email:

Your Url:

If the form above does not work
Or you've not heard a reply to your submission
Within 24 hours...
Please send the form information above
To us at the email addresses below...thanks!

Committee Leader Ray O' Wishes
Asst. Committee Leader Ray O' Reflections

Here is a list of our wonderful Ship Shiners !!!

Ray O' Wishes
Ray O' Reflections
Ray O' Nuttin
Ray O' Sunshine
Ray O' Bells
Ray O' Pink
Ray O' Paws
Ray O' Angel

Midi provied by Annwn

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by: 2002 Ruth Norman aka Ray O' Sunshine

This pageset was Designed especially for Nuttin' but Sunshine.
and was a gift from Ray O' Scribbles.

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and is used with permission by Christy Babrick.