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Friends are a blessing and they are everywhere
They can be anyone to whom you can share thoughts and sorrow
These are the ones that are tried and true and always fair
You can depend on them to be there tomorrow

Then there a few friends that go above and beyond this definition
They are the few that you share a special kinship
These are the ones that are there for you with no conditions
Their love and compassion go above the level of friendship

If you meet a few of these people in your life you are extremely blessed
More and you are a walking miracle because they are so rare
They are the ones that take on your load and allow you to rest
These are the ones that encourage you to take the dare

I am proud to say that I have many, just sorry it was so late
Because there is so much more we could have shared
But this regret can not replace the feelings that I have for this special fate
They taught me all things are possible if you have that friendship that is so rare

The love and gratitude I share for these friends is beyond compare
They inspired me, kicked me and straightened out my head when needed
There is a special place in my heart and eternity for them because they is so rare
I'm attached to them for eternity on that point I have conceded

Written by Cecil Montgomery