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Corky (Carolyn Mooney), Bass and I met with Carolyn and Chet in Virginia on their last trip. Corky is just all smiles and bubbley, and it was great to see Caro and her Chet interact. His is a funny guy and he knows his lady.

Liltrip says I am only doing this to keep from being nagged. Pretty girl, but might blow away.

This is from meet in Rockford, Ill. Here is a picture of Betty Jo or Betty Jo from corn country as she calls herself, and her husband Bob and Sharon-IL. Also Lynn Marlow and Margaret (Maggie), Lynn is one hour north of Chicago and Maggie is from Chicago.

Bobbie Ballew, mother of Dee Bickford

The years have maintained her beauty as mama cuddles Dee. Dee says the Dr has call hospice for her mother. I am sure they can be found in the TLC Book.

Nick and Sharon Thies of Texas will be married 40 years Aug 14th. A beautiful pair, I admire them, 40 yrs lots of love and work. Sharon tells us this is AARP's Poster picture.

She's new, Mary Anne of NY I've spoken to her in the chatroom. Very nice Lady make and effort to meet her.

I don't know if she goes by Pye or Yvonne but the cat is definitely cricket

Sheryl Douward, hubby Duke and the little one in the middle is Missy.

Norh Shore Andy, one of our new friends, welcome Andy.

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