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Anne for Ontario and the Linds we have heard so much about. Pretty ain't they.

Joyce and Larry from Mo. Isn't that the "show me" state?

Jerry,again, the guy from Florida, that always making fun of our cold weather. I think hes sweet but....

Now she looks completely different than I imaged. Dorothy-Az

I don't know which I like better Bee in that shirt or the quitar she made herself. Now thats a craft and hobby.

Gloria and Tom and Boots

Katy and Ernest, Do you know she is really a "Kay" Now you have tw0

Vivian and her hearing dog Saffy. I met Vivian on the email-list, she wants to put faces on her new friends. Hope she will explain the hearing dog.

Kathy from Wi, nice healthy dairy state glow

Izzy has on a beautiful dress and nice hairdo. Why Izzy I swear you look younger. Now let us see Mr. Mom!

Heres Mr. Mom! Izzy got a catch didn't she?

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