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Co ordinator of Watch group is Jan Reynolds
Group leader of F is Peche
Asst Gr leader of F is Carol Richardson

Quoted from Webpage.

"In the past, we have had friends that we've made on the list "disappear," and we had no way of knowing if they were all right or not. We have subscribers that live alone and might need help. So we devised a plan to try and keep in touch with other subscribers privately. The concept is that individuals who wish to participate provide some information concerning how they may be contacted and the name and telephone of a neighbor or relative who also could be contacted for the same purpose. Everyone is assigned to a "Watch Group," but only basic identification information is provided to the group.

In the event that someone disappears, the List Managers are contacted using the email address: Then a phone call or two is made to try and determine where the individual is and if they need assistance. The system does work and we have found it necessary to use it several times."

Peche is with Watch Group F. She wanted them posted as a group. We still have some more photos to come in.

After we wrote to each other for a time we would send individual posts and joke and laugh together. When we got sick, we'd post to each other about it. That got to be nice as we all knew how this disease could be. I haven't gotten to meet any of these friends but Corky and Carol have gotten together. Now, Avraham is suppose to start rehab where Corky goes so I'm sure they will meet. Maybe the three of these will get together one day. The ones that didn't send pictures are Bernice McCoy, Christy Smith and Dyan Robison. Thanks, Peche

Bobby and Corky Brooks with sons Michael and Robby. Corky is active member of Watch Group F

Lohr Miller , also Watch Group F member and a very handsome one too.

Carol Richardson and daughter Georgia

Bernice McCoy nicely posed for us.

Suzzanne and Mike Tenkhoff of WV Sorry You have been in a while. My mistake not printing'

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