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Jojo and Bj at the Texas meet

Everybody's love, Dano.
Dano xx

Cecil, what a wonder,friend,talented researcher and poet.

Elois, our wonder girl. Her story is an inspiration. Think I'll do page just to her.

Pup and Baley

Patrick Dooley(Deceased), is from Oregon, says he had to sell the bike but he spent a couble of years riding with O2 and nebulizer with him. Handsome bike.

Ardie Rose, standing, and Barbra Ayers use to have lunch with Mary Paul every week. We lost Barbara after a lung transplant.

Ok Kay, I am attaching a copy of I and my wife's picture. My wife's name is Jackie. I am very honored to have this beautiful lady as my wife and my caregiver. Believe it or not, Jackie was the Miss New Mexico in 1956. She was also voted the most beautiful teenager in America when she was 15 years old. How I wound up having this lovely lady as my wife is anyone's guess. Don W. Soderstrom

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