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Larry-Fl and wife Alice. She is looking with such devotion in her eyes, you are a lucky man

Valerie weeding and her husband Ron. Getting ready for a Christmas party, looks like he got an elf.

Here's a pair, Judy-Va, who helps with chat schedules and Collene-Oh, who sits there so pretty.

Looks good for her age, huh? Its Joan Costello, who does such a beautiful job doing our COPD support newsletter.

Fran looking pretty young thats a pretty red blouse, Fran

Terressa Thomas-La Is that your pretty blue lighter on the table? Oh, ok, they were hers. She's a quitter, hurray.

Dorothy Daughtrey of Westmount, Canada , a wonderful lady who wrote me I am 89 years old next week. This is my PLB year caused I just learned how. I took these pictures myself. Flowers are from Nebraska grandchildren.

See my reflection in the mirror. On wall is Great grandson and oil by my mother-- Dorothy I think that makes you the "Grand Ole Lady" of our support group at 89. Lets see if anyone can beat that!

Earl and Mary Beth of SE Texas. See there Texas is so big it makes a difference if your from the SE or the North ( grin)

Joyce from Tn with grandson, Dylon. He is a doll.

James and Jo of Wi on their 40th anniversery. Now thats something to be proud of.

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