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Mike Parker with two of his Smoke No More group Jen and Lou.

Aren't we a crowd. Appearing with us is Salt and Pepper, parents of our puppy. Guess you can figure who is who.

Mi and her mother JS Both pretty in pink.

So pretty and shinny,Judy Wallace.

Every see a Kitty holding a puppy?

Even though I have met Larry this is one of Ellies pictures. Believe me he is a sweetheart.

Even she named it Daddy1 a typical copd face. Its Alvin , personally , not so typical he looks handsome and with a little spark. Have to tell his daughter to watch him around the older ladies.

Bob's been keeping this photo that Mary-Fl sent him. Do you think she is better looking than me?

Martha, another Texas girl, are you in the cow, desert or oil well part?

Our friendly guy in Wales, Derek.

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