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Elizabeth-Ms Another southern Belle.

Beatrice-Tx know as simplicianot in her email addy. She sure is pretty lady, we are getting alot of cowgirls in here.

Joyce of Toronto with Miss Lucy-liu and Mr. Timothy two toes.

Phyllis Benoit

Louise Magee of Ne, Do you think we should tell her about sodas and keyboards? Love her friends.

Bev and Wayne of Wisconsin, good quality people from Wisconsin I ought to know.

Eileen and Dad (?Mr Eileen)

Dee Bickford of Florida, she calls the hurricane state.

Melody and Family, can I joke Mel and say the line up?

Sheila, those are my kitchen curtains!!

Steve and Sheila Wilson of WV, I thought with patient and caregivers one should look sick and the other tired. Look at these two, don't you love it.

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