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Kay Hall ( Kaysok ) met Bob Glensky ( Bassman ) in the Copd Support group chatroom in spring of 1999. After a year and half of chatroom, instant messages, and amorous long distance phone calls the couple agreed to meet.

Much to the surprise of their fellow chatters, the week long visit went to three week. Then Bassman was going to Kays house. Then whammy, he proposes in the chatroom. the couple planned an October 2001 wedding.

The wedding had a fellow chatter as matron of honor, Lou Gagion from Canada, and another chatter from New York came, Jen. Jen used a laptop and posted the entire wedding to the chat room.

During the many trips to and from Maryland and North Carolina the couple took every opportunity to meet other chatters. Some have come to their home. These are the photos we have collected. We are hoping more friends will send their photos.

We would like to fill our album with pictures of our copd group. We welcome all members of the copd group to send in a photos. Please remember your email addy or your chat name may not be how your friends know you so give all the right names. Email to or, so email for our street address.

We want to thank all who sent photos and are hoping to get some more soon.

((((((((((((((Hugs)))))))) From Kaysok and Bassman

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