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Jimbo Can you make us up one of those crawdad dishes?

Busy Busy Busy Collene in DC

Larrisas got two kids that keep her young and smiling.

Here is another good looking man, wonder if thats a factor in copd. Its Eddie.

oh dear and here is another good looking man, the trickster, Martin-SC

Now if I got down like that I'd need help getting up. Its Nevanna with Sasha.
Sasha, is a medically trained dog. He looks so lovable too. She warns Nevanna of trouble and knows how to get help quickly. We must ask Nevanna for a Site on these dogs

This is Dave, as Bass says Me or Ma I don't know just put in Dave. But I sensored his photo and I have to say I' m sorry, hmmm no I don't, You know I bet he quit and this is old picture

This is Sam from Ohio

Mary Pa and Mary Lou

Mary wrote upp a little report for me . I will leave it in for a while.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Seven of us met for lunch at Hoss's in Lititz on Saturday, June 14, 2003. Those attending were; Marylou from Hershey, PA, Anna Lee from Harrisburg, Nancy from Wilmington, DE, MaryPA2 from Lancaster, and Sam from Ohio. Sam happened to be visiting his brother in Harrisburg, and brought his brother and sister in law too. We are so glad they could make it. We finally got to put some faces with our computer names. We certainly had enough to eat and a fine time was had by all. Just when I was getting used to yesterday, along came today.

Looking good Blue Mary

Mr. Bassman


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