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and Jeannie sent her moms in too.

Him Jeannier'mom Nice to see you and put a face to a name.

Jo JO, this pic is in 1987 and the catfish is 12 lbs, notice the cig.

This is reality, JoJo at 70th Birthday Party.

Jojo says this is the last pic she will let be taken.

I'd like to met this lady. she looks as sweet as sugar. Janrey

Hey BJ!! Those are MY jeans and that looks like my favorite shirt. Oh your hair do is like Bees. And a nose hose soooooooo typical.

HI DONNA Oh that pic surprised me thought everyone in Kansas had a little muchkin in them.

So loved and so missed.

Carolyn from Fl. says she want to belong to a big family. so now she does.

John W. with his four kids and spouses--- so he does take time off

Windhorst V. P. of Copd Support. He and others are trying hard to fill in for Howard and other sick ones.

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