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Denise-Pa wearing her new dress.

Pennslva.'s Lisa and her family.

Is this a male model? He is sick? tired? I should look so good. It's Jed aka Jim Douglas

DaveMabo and Judy-Va and Jimeca, aka Jim Edwards

This is Roseanne with an"e" She is goinn eat em all.

Another we haven't met. This is one of Ellies, Jerry-Fl. I feel like he's one of my guardian angels.

Hi Dottie1 I think thats Illinois. You sure looked poised and all done up. Did you do that for us? Awwwwwwwwww.

Jean from West Virginia with her husband, and a lovely couble they make.

When this first appeared in Ellies book, we couldn't stop ribbing him about his knees. Since then I heard he was bald. But Roy I won't say anything.

Busy, busy Marty-P

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