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Sue-Fl Oh Dear, look at that, hmm, she said when she quit smoking Bass helped her out a lot. I am glad he couldn't see her or the car. That Car might turn his head.

Rex from Mi, Sue is a tough act to follow but wait until you see his friend below.

Rex's friend was named by his wife as Bill The Barred Owl Bard, he is a Barred Owl. Neat huh?

Deborah-Va's hubby Bob took off his hose for this 20th anniversory kiss.

Clarence and his wife Pat

Curly with 14th grandchild

Helen Millwood says since her double transplant in 2003 she's come a long way. Doesn't she look good

This health hunk of man is so young. Who can he be?.

RIDE EM COWBOYS--This is Brian and Mona of Calgary at a country western jubilee. He said " whose sick ".

I'm kinda shy about this, but here is my picture to add to your group. It was taken when my first grandchild was a few months old, so it's a couple of years old now, but I'm really shy about having my picture taken. My daughter Nicole is with me at a family reunion/picnic.
And more thanks to you and Bass for all you contribute. I've been on-line chatting a couple of times when Bass was hosting and he just seems to be a very kind man - and very knowledgeable too. Between your postings and website I feel I've come to know and love you both.
Pat of Good Old Arizona

Tought Bass would like to hear that (K)


Tony-TX & his wife Charlotte

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