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Roddy and wife, nice couple huh Do they look alike?

Susan Greenburg or to Madli, one of our webtver its so good to have back

Nina Carol whos daily letters to the list helps keep us lonely ones and others with a good friend.

Bill of Oregon, cute isn't he? Hair or no hair.:) Sorry he's married lovely wife, Janet.

and herrrre s Janet, Mrs Bill. I bet these two are a riot

Marilyn and Jack Leach on their 40th Wedding Anniversity. They made it work, no wonder they are smiling.

Our caregiver Leonard is working in Iraq, he sent this. Warm isn't it.

Affected by the tending to Angel all these years. Look who his friends are now, Camel spiders. Sorry Angel.

front row: Sara Huddkesin, Jojo Smith, Elois Bonilla, Geraldine Tasker Back row: Sharon Anderson, B J ( Barbara) Jones

Now wait a minute,Jojo Smith and BJ Jones. Well no John Doe anyway

TC and Geraldine, so far as I know he was only man there. Thats why she is sitting so close.

Married 47 years in March , these two have years to smile about. Carolyn (Corky) and her Papajohn Mooney

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