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Jim McDermick (Sp?)of Scotland . He is looking might handsome and I am glad to see the smile

Lenore(Deceased),on left with sister Cella and Diana, riding around the old neighborhood and took this in front of old school wall

R.Kelly May with his wife

Fay-WV with her granddaughter, who has Spinal Bifida. Don't you wish you looked that cute in your hose. Give her a kiss from me Fay.

Ruby( the thoughts lady),looks youthful and full of energy, as well as wise.

Barb and Jim, I love it , when they look so happy and good together.

Liltrip, fvoom fvoooooom fvoom fvoom.

Cynthia Lovelace-Al named Queen of her Better Breather's club was our mysterous Lady.

Kitty went on vacation and who did she see but Howard.Kitty does our TLC Book and Howard Ober is our president.

Pup and Baily and I guess thats Bailys friend .

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