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3 Our new guide Carolyn-Mi and Chet, a happy couple too. Good luck Carolyn I will try and be a good girl so you won't need my getti whip.

Our Chief, Camille, whom I know has a better picture, has move on to new things in her life. Sorry to lose you, but best wishes for success. And I still think that throwing of a kiss so personafies the type of people in our group that I love this photo.

Bruce's picture was lost in my files. Sorry Bruce.

Tom and Mary and all those boys, got one with grand son too.

Mikes birthday quilt Mary LeClerc made.Wow Mary , we have alot of quilters that will appreicate this.

She did the baby's quilt behind her too. Oh grandson is Jeramiah.

Linda- Il come on Linda give us a smile please.

Donna-Wa Do you live right on water? Hows the fishing. Hmm Washington, that would be salmon territory.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glensky Jr.
Bassman and Kaysok

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