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Thanks, Jan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COPD-Watch Program (originally called the Buddy Program) was developed so that individuals with COPD who live alone (or otherwise wished to make daily contact with others) could provide information to management and then be assigned to a small group that would contact each other daily. In the event that someone did not check in, management would be contacted and using the information that had been furnished, management would attempt to determine if an emergency existed. The first group formed was from the Northeast section of the United States and grew to be a bit bigger than was intended but they have continued to this day with few departures. Most of "COPD-Watch Group A" is pictured below. If you do not recognize some of them, check the identification key which is below the main photograph.

1 - Angel Leona Izzi 2 - Arlene Rothenberg 3 - Linda Stocke 4 - Jan Reynolds 5 - Angel Esther Ripple 6 - Angel Nancy Erickson 7 - Lisa Nielsen 8 - Margo Colmore 9 - Susan Greenberg 10 -Angel Brenda Keys

Not Photographs but part of group are Anne Shea, Jan MacDonald, and Kate Ryan ---------------------------------------------------------------

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