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Valerie Weeding Of WY and Randy Ash 0f Colorado. I think its "grand" when our COPDers take the effort to meet each other. Its great you two did this.

Dennie and Connie from Ohio A nice looking mid-west couple.

Kae from Va What a beautiful smile.

Donalda. Thats the first time I have heard that name Donalda, I think its pretty.

Here is our group picture from our get togather in Sioux Falls S.D. Front Row: Izzy-MN, Ron & Valerie-WY, Don-SD 2nd Row: Kris-SD, Gary (Izzy's Hubby) Tony (Okie's grandson), Sandy & Dale-TX Back Row: Dee (Okie's wife), Woody & Judy-ND, Dee (Don SD Wife), Okie-Iowa
Excellant photo Brian Pryor

Jerrian Barsness , she is a reminds me of my fouth grade teacher . Wonder where her people are from.

Izzy-MN and Jo Mood- Wi. I think its wonderful how our people take the time to meet.

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