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BJ, Kitty, Elois. While traveling Kitty got the chance to visit and have lunch with two long time chat friends.

Now I know why he keeps going fishing when he hasn't been catching anything.

Mary Beth of Texas and her adorable grands.

Tony Archer. Doesn't he look young?

MizVicky's, with new twins and family, picture was sent in by Lana.

Patrica Blackburn, who recently passed away, is shown here with her daughter and husband on an last Alaskian Cruise.

Susan Greeenburg aka Madli, 65 years young in April 2005. She is sure looking good.

Heres Susan again, I am sure you see her post to the list. This kid's been around a while. You will find her in Watch Group A, page 20, the first watch group

Say Hello to Heidi, real nice photo

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