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  Planning for Weather Emergencies

1.Be Prepared- Have a cell phone but not always usable in storm. Agree with family and friends an out of area person you will all call when you can not reach each other.

2.Make sure you have
- flashlights,
- batteries,
- those tap lights,
today you can get flashlights and radios you crank no battery necessary

3. Notify beforehand
-local police
-power company
- Red Cross,
- emergency center
that you might got too that you are on 02 and vulnerable if the power goes out.-

4. Inform before hand your friends, neighbors and family what and where the shelter is that you will go to.

5.Call your Oxygen supplier and discuss what backup you need. They are required to have your needs met in the case that the power goes out.

6.Have plenty of food ,drinking water, clorine for santizing, all of your meds, non-electric can opener, water for washing and flushing. You can now get from local emergency service and exact list to have in your emergency kit!

7.If you have alternate heating or cooking place near by and have a backup source of supplies for such as your gas grill near your house, not in, a wood stove or those camping lanterns,

8.Boil some water and put in some Thermoses for hot water.

10.Load up on books or other projects to work on. 11.- Chocolate solves most ills--stockpile it!!- (that's Susan's idea)

12. Use generators with great care!- Get a professional to install it, be confident you know how to use it.-

13. Make friends with your neighbors, most will be happy to help out.

14.- No one mentioned this, but it's probably a good idea to unplug your computer, tv, other appliances, so they won't be damaged when the power comes back on.-

15.- Do it all NOW.-
Don't wait until the power goes out.

16. Get a cell phone, you can get them just for emergencyuse.