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Delivered-To: Date:    Sun, Dec 17, 2000, 11:17am Reply to:    LMontg3322@AOL.COM Sender:    Online Support for the COPD Afflicted and their caregivers From:    C-Cecil Montgomery

Subject:    Planning for weather emergencies


Good wrap up, Susan, but I can't resist a list, LOL. Just a couple of more points. Here's a wrap-up of all the ideas that you all sent in. Please add more to what I forgot:

1.Be Prepared

2.Make sure you have flashlights, batteries, those tap lights, radio

3. Notify beforehand your local police/fire/senior center/etc. that you are on 02. Red Cross, too, is a great resource.

4. Notify your electric company that you are on 02, and are vulnerable if the power goes out.

5.Call your 02 company for backup 02 tanks in case the power goes out.

6.Have plenty of food and water on hand, and a non-electric can opener.

7.Put your gas grill near your house, not in. If you use a wood stove or those camping lanterns, get wood and gas ready.

8.Boil some water and put in some Thermoses for hot water.

9. Take advantage of emergency shelters if needed. Let them know you need 02.

10.Load up on books or other projects to work on.

11. Chocolate solves most ills--stockpile it!! (that's my idea)

12. Use generators with great care!= Get a professional to install it, be confident you know how to use it.

13. Make friends with your neighbors, most will be happy to help out.

14. No one mentioned this, but it's probably a good idea to unplug your computer, tv, other appliances, so they won't be damaged when the power comes back on.

15. Do it all NOW. Don't wait until the power goes out.

16. Not a good idea to buy large amounts of perishable items in the bad months for storage could lose a lot of money.

17. Good idea when buying items to store to get dehydrated, as well as cans, take up less room and they are usually more easily adapted to our diet requirements than precooked and canned.

I hope this helps us all. Please add to this list and post it to all of us.

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