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As you can guess, I love Bluegrass Music. But more importantly, are the people it has lead me to. They like life to be simple, they don't look for stress, always friendly, wanting to see the best in the people they meet. Most want to hold onto the more simplier, relaxed, trusting life style that is fast disappearing from our nation.

My purpose, orginally, in creating this web site was to offer a forum where we might preserve some of those things from the past. While, preserving those will not return old morals and ethics, its a start.

Bluegrass reminds me of when your word stood for something. Forgive me for the hillbilly motiff, but the "Clampets"showed us what to value.

Always under construction, adding hillbilly humor, redneck humor, gifs and midis, always ready to hear your ideas, Bluegrass schedules, recipes, ideas for perserving the past, well, WHATEVER , here's

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