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Sitting out in front of the store was usual 3 hillbillys a whittling and making their special brand of comments.

First to come by was Billy. Said whittler #1 he's alright in his place, but they haven't dug it yet.

Member when the revenuer asked what he was athinkg ask whittler #2. Lordy, if he said what he thought, he'd be speechless.

Yes, says, whittler @3. if brains were dynamite, he wouldn't have enuf to blow his nose!

He doesn't need x-rays.  Everybody can see right through him.

Hey, why is he just astanding ther ask whittler #1. Well, said #3, he stopped to think and forgot to start again.

He ain't worth the spit on a postage stamp.

Yep says #2 bet they re-elect him.