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NOTE: For those that know me its clear my one goal left in life is to make people smile. Well, when I visited this site and saw his Ultimate Poopie list I just had to have it.OF COURSE, I did my usual dressing up and a few changes. but the first laugh is his.

Please visit him he's got more funny stuff!
Borrowed from More Joke s. Here is my Poopie stuff.

HEY FOLKS, yes it was bound to happen, I found it, shitty humor,crappie stuff those good clean POOPIE JOKES. I hope you enjoy this kind of crap.

Ghost Poopie-- The kind where you feel the poopie come out, but there's no poopie in the toilet.

Wet Poopie-- The kind where you wipe your butt 50 times and it still feels unwiped, so you have to put some toilet paper between your butt and your underwear so you don't ruin them with skid marks.

Second Wave Poopie-- It happens when you're done poopie-ing, and you have pulled your pants up to your knees and you realize you have to poopie some more.

Pop-A-Vein-In-Your-Forehead-Poopie-- The kind where you strain so much to get it out, you almost have a stroke.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Richard Simmons Poopie-- You poopie so much you lose 30 pounds.

Lincoln Log Poopie-- The kind of poopie that is so huge, you're afraid to flush without breaking it up into little pieces with the toilet brush.

Corn Poopie-- Self Explanatory!

Gee, I Wish I Could Poopie, Poopie-- It's the kind where you want to poopie real bad, but all you do is sit, cramp, and break wind alot.

Wet Cheeks Poopie (The Power Dump)-- The kind that comes out of your butt so fast, your butt cheeks get splashed with water.

Mexican Food Poopie-- It smells so bad the room is condemned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fisherman's Bobber Poopie-- That's the kind where you're in the public restroom, and there are two people waiting for your stall. You poopie and flush two times, but several golf ball-sized pieces are still floating on the water.

The Wipers Nightmare-- That's the kind that breaks off too soon, so half falls into the bowl and half stays hanging

Ambush Poopie-- That's when you're in public and you think you have to fart, but you get a sneak attack squirt instead.

He Just Poopied, Poopie-- When you get done poopie-ing, you put your shorts back on and go out in public with those identifying bright red pressure circles on the back of your legs for all to see.

The Snake Charmer Poopie-- A long skinny poopie which has managed to coil itself into a frightening position - usually harmless

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Peek-A-Boo Poopie-- Now you see it, now you don't! This poopie is playing games with you. Requires patience and muscle control.

The Groaner-- A poopie so huge it cannot exit without vocal assistance.

The Energizer Poopie-- "Still Going!"

The Cliffhanger-- Where you just sit there patiently and wait for the last cling-on to drop off, because if you wipe now it's going to smear all over the place.

The Back-To-Nature Poopie-- This poopie may be of any variety but is always deposited either in the woods or while hiding behind the passenger side of your car. Beware of poison ivy wipes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Oh nooooooo - please stop poopie - when you are at the hairdressers, barber, or dr. office, and you use the rest room and the poopie won't stop!

*The Killer Smell poopie - when you visit a friends house and use their bathroom and the entie house reeks when you are done. The only escape is through the window cause you are too embarrassed to face anyone!

*The duck-walk poopie - when you are in a public place and the bathroom is all the way to the other end of the building when the urge strikes, and you do the duck-walk holding your cheeks together as tightly as you can so nothing slips out before you get there.

These were contributed by my best friend, not sure she wants her name on em. Its such shitty stuff.

HEY, are we out of paper ..AGAIN?