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The Weather

Grandpa Zeke stood on his porch one day, suddenly, he called the boys," Zack, Jed and JimBob. You boys git out there and bring in some wood, lots of wood. going to be a bad winter."

Well, they loaded up eac others arms and toted abu 4 loads each."How's that , Grandpa", asked Jimbob.

Naw, boys going to be bad, a real bad year, use your trucks." said Grandpa

So the boys are on about the third truck load when, Ned says, " Wonder is it true or r we just makin him happy",. "Could check with the radio people , they are always a tellin the weather" replied Zack.

When they finally get thru to the forecasting folk and asked, Is this going to be a really bad winter? They were told there wasn't the technology advanced enough to forecast that far in the future, however,...

We like to keep an eye on those Mountain people and they are collecting wood like crazy.

Snowflake Reel Midi file produced by Marty Cutler, mandolin parts by Bob Applebaum. This is a sample tune from The Bluegrass Band available from PG Music