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"Ah like to (spearmint) with diffr'nt huntin' spots"

"Don't let the man stand outside. (vitamin)."

"(meringue) is gettin' a bit tight on mah finger"

"(Armageddon) tard of this bad weather."

"Let's hep preserve our natur'l (racehorses)"

"(Anheuser) pa? He feelin' better?"

"(Anomaly) drink Pepsi, but ah'll have a Coke few don't mind."

"Ma momma's from Virginny, and ma daddy's from (Merlin)."

"I'm gonna use mah new (paramour) to cut the grass."

"(Sensuous) up, why dontcha grab me a beer?"

"Ken I have (beckon) 'stead of the sausage?'