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The unusual folklore in this file is presented soley for your information and education. Reader assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with the above stated purposes.

A person who has had malaria will have it every seven years.

A person who has had smallpox will never have tuberculosis.

As a measles cure, drink tea made of dandelion petals.

As a remedy for fever, place a bowl of water under the head of the patient's bed; or put a pan of water beneath the bed.

Bathe the typhoid fever patient in apple vinegar and do it often to save their health.

Bind cabbage leaves on your forehead as a fever remedy.

Buttermilk is good for malaria.

Cut the ear of a cat and let three drops of blood fall into some brandy, then add a little pepper; and have a patient drink this for fever.

Cut two large potatoes in half and place the pieces under the bed and fever will go into the potatoes.

Dog fennel tea is good for fever and measles. Drink sauerkraut juice as a cure for intermittent fever.

Eat lettuce to prevent smallpox.

Fever can be curd by poulticing the bottom of each foot with chopped onions and salt.

For fever let the patient drink sweetened tea made from sheep droppings; this is also used to make measles break out.

For fever, a good remedy is to drink slippery elm tea.

For malaria, administer walnut leaf tea.

Go into the woods and get a handful of cockleburs, mash them and make a tea in which to bath the feverish patient.

Hot tea from elder blossoms will make measles break out and check the fever.

If you have a high fever and are past twenty years old, put eight drops (two for a baby) of turpentine on one half teaspoonful of sugar and take that for three mornings.

If a caterpillar crosses your path, you can prevent fever by spitting.

If a person has fever, place an onion under his bed and the fever will go into the onion.

If a person has measles during apple blossom time, he will not have them so badly.

If a person has typhoid fever and his hair comes out, his new hair will come in curly.

If you attempt to bring out measles and start by using hot drinks, they must be continued.

In the last stages of typhoid, put cotton socks on the feet and fill the socks with ??cornmeal; then soak feet, socks and all in apple vinegar to make a cure nine times out of ten.

Kill a caterpillar and you will catch fever before the summer is gone.

Kill two chickens and put each of your feet in a chicken while it is still warm and all the typhoid fever will be drawn into the chickens.

Measles may be cured by drinking a tea made from the white part of chicken dung.

Measles will kill you, if they do not break out.

Peppermint tea is an excellent remedy for fever and chills.

Seeing a caterpillar will give you ague unless you spit.

Sliced onions placed in the room of a typhoid fever patient will suck up the poisonous odors and the onions will turn black.

Spit three times when you see a "fever worm" or you will have fever.

Sweeten a strong mullein tea and take for fever. Take saffron tea to bring out measles. Take tea made from the bark of a horse-chestnut tree and it will cure malaria.

To break a fever put two tablespoonfuls of soda in a pint of water and use this to wet poultice the feet, ankles, wrist and around the patient's head.

To cure fever, tie one piece of fat bacon on the pulse and another piece on the back of the neck.

To cure measles, drink tea made from bark taken off the north side of a cherry tree.

To cure or prevent fever put a new silver coin and a piece of salt of equal weight in a sack and carry it hanging over the heart.

To make measles break out, bathe the patient in hot ground mustard water.

To prevent fever in a baby with a coated tongue, wipe off the tongue with the diaper that the baby has been wearing.

To secure a good remedy for fever or measles, ask for one from a stranger on horseback; and if the stranger is riding a white horse, the remedy will be more effective.

Tying a snake skin around your head will cure fever.

Use tansy leaf tea for fever.

Wear a piece of asafetida around your neck and you will not catch measles.

When a baby has measles, he will become well if rubbed with his wet diaper.

When trying to force measles to breakout, if you begin with cold drinks, you must continue them.

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