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Heres a story the DJ told at the Hoedown


No problem here, knowing who the girls are! But I got a gal in college, she tells me in France they have a real problem with that. All the French words have sexes. She says they have female chalk and boy pencils.

I don't know about ya'all but it cost me alot to send her to that there school. Then she comes home with problem of finding the sex of one of a puters. Waste of time and money I say.

But she said it was done jest needed to be rit down.

Now once I read it I knew I had to share it with ya'll.

This is what she rit.

The women that thought a computer was male said:

  • Before you can get their attention, you have to turn they on.
  • They have alot of data but don't have a clue.
  • They are suppose to help you solve problems instead they are the problem.
  • Right after you make a committment, you find out if you'd waited awhile there is a better model.

    Now the fellas that answered they thought a puter was a female were alot more sensible. They said that:

  • Not even their creator could understand their internal logic.
  • The language they use to communicate to other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else.
  • Even your smallest error is stored in long term memory for later retrieval.
  • Once you make a committment you spend all your money on accessories.

    Now I want to know what career those kids are going for.

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