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Yup,first house in Humor Gap thats got 2 bathrooms, but Pa don't like me to brag none.
I sit so long at the
puter thing m'knees lock up

Wilbur says his comedy act ta night at Humor's hoedown is about sex.

Wife must be feeding him them herbs again.

Doc's got Hillbilly birth control
Humor Gap's Maintainence crew
A new guy, just turned up. Somepen strange bout em. Could be a revenuer
Psst. thats the higgens boy finally come home from college

Humor's mailman.
D'ya get memo from MICRO?

Bye, snakes never last long living with Country Folk

Granny has some, not so humorous, lessons for us to learn

Humor's News Editor, expert on bluegrass,hillbillies and moonshine

This hillbilly's going to put em in their places.
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